Turkish Sac Kavurma In 5 Steps


Turkish Sac Kavurma In 5 Steps


Turkish sautéed spiced lamb, also called Sac Kavurma, is a dish where small pieces of meat and vegetables are roasted together on a tray. Several varieties are made in Anatolia, including pistachio and cheddar. Turkish sac kavurma, which is prepared during sacrificial feasts, is very different from other types of roast.

There are many types of recipes, but the most popular is the classic sac kavurma. When the finished cooked tender meat is a little watery, it is a feast for the stomach. You can prefer the roast on the tray and sac kavurma, in which we add spicy peppers, onions, tomatoes and some main spices and improve the taste without thinking about it on feast days. If you ask what is the best spice for meat, I would definitely say thyme, do not forget to add the thyme that gives flavor to the roast.

If you have tail fat available when preparing a recipe for Turkish sac kavurma, be sure to use it. Tail fat is a fatty piece of meat found in the tailbone of animals. You can find it in butcher shops. What makes this dish special is that it is fried on a sheet pan; if you don’t have a sheet pan, you can also prepare it in a wok pan.

What Is Sac Kavurma

This is a dish in which medium-fat and finely chopped mutton is cooked on a slow fire and the prepared mixture is cooked on a low flame with onions, tomatoes, green peppers and dill. Sauerbraten, which is one of the dishes that are frequently prepared and consumed, especially during the Feast of Sacrifice, is prepared with both veal and lamb.

What is dana kavurma?

It is a kind of roast made from beef. Actually, the original roast is made of lamb, but not everyone can eat lamb, so veal may be preferred. As you know, different dishes are obtained from each region of cattle or small cattle. To eat roasted meat with an unforgettable taste, you should buy meat from the thigh and arm parts of mutton and lamb, and from the back and arm parts of veal. It is better if you cut the meat into cubes.

How To Make Turkish Sac Kavurma

Turkish sac kavurma, one of the most important flavors in Turkish cuisine, is prepared with the best lamb meat. If you don’t like lamb meat, you can also use veal. First we fry our tail in a pan with some oil. Then we add our meat and fry it until it releases its water and dries out a little. We add tomatoes and peppers over the meat that has absorbed the water, continuing to mix it from time to time. Finally we add the tomatoes and our spices, mix for another 10 minutes and serve it hot. Bon appetite in advance.

Tips For Roasting

The meat preferred for Turkish sac kavurma should reach a consistency ready for roasting. To do this, the meat, which has not yet been stripped of its internal fat, should rest at 4 degrees for a day before roasting. After the resting period, the nerves, skins and veins of the meat are cleaned and the meat is cut into cubes. It is then fried in oil. Cooking time varies depending on the type of meat, but averages half an hour.

When the meat is completely softened and has reached the right consistency to release its juices, it is ready for frying. For this reason, it is important to cook the meat over low heat so that the juices come out well. At the same time, the meat should not be overcooked so that it does not dry out and become tough. Another important point is that the roasted meat is not too fatty. Regardless of the type of meat cut, the amount of fat added to the roast should be small. Otherwise, roasting with too much fat carries a risk of heart disease.

How Many Calories Are In A Sac Kavurma?

Turkish sac kavurma, which is very nutritious, is a very fatty and therefore high-calorie food. 100 grams of roast can reach up to 345 kcal. In addition, a 100 gram roast contains 20.62 grams of protein and 28.53 grams of fat. Since roast is a cholesterol-containing food, you should pay attention to its consumption. Turkish sac kavurma contains a high amount of sodium and potassium.

You can learn about Turkish cuisine based on the following meat dishes that may be of interest to you.

Yes, if you are ready now, let’s go to the kitchen where we feel most comfortable to offer you the most pleasant moment, which is this beautiful and special recipe for Turkish sautéed spiced lamb.


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Turkish Sac Kavurma

Recipe by HonourCourse: Main DishesCuisine: TurkishDifficulty: Easy


Prep time


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Calories (1 Portion)



Easy to prepare, delicious and healthy roast recipe


  • 500 g beef entrecôte (you can also use diced lamb)

  • 1 medium onion

  • 2 bell peppers

  • 2 tomatoes

  • Tallow (or butter)

  • 1 teaspoon salt

  • 1 teaspoon black pepper

  • 1 teaspoon paprika

  • 1 teaspoon thyme


  • We fry the tallow (or butter) a little bit on the tray.
  • Then we add our meat and fry it until it releases its water and shrinks slightly.
  • We add onions and peppers to the meat that absorbs the water and mix it.
  • After 3-4 minutes we add the tomatoes and continue mixing.
  • Then add the spices and stir from time to time for about 10 minutes and turn off the stove. Enjoy your meal.

Recipe Video

What Are The Benefits Of Sac Kavurma?

Turkish sautéed spiced lamb, which has a very high nutritional value, is prepared from fresh red meat and therefore contains the benefits of red meat that are very important for human health. It is able to meet almost all the needs of the body with its rich nutritional values. It helps to balance the hemoglobin level in the blood. My mother’s blood levels were low, and the doctor advised her to consume red meat regularly. When the iron mineral is absorbed into the body with herbs, its digestion is no more than 10%. However, with red meat products such as Turkish sautéed spiced lamb, this rate reaches 35%.Let’s briefly list the advantages :

  • As it is the most important protein store, it covers the protein needs of the body.
  • It helps protect nerve cells and relieve nerve stress.
  • It provides a strong B12 supplement for the growth of nerve cells and the elimination of nerve cell problems.
  • Roast meat, which is high in calcium and zinc minerals, supports healthy development in children.
  • Eating red meat prevents hair loss problems because it provides the body with a lot of keratin.

What Are The Disadvantages Of Sac Kavurma?

Like any red meat product, roasting has its advantages, but also its disadvantages. However, the harms of roasting directly depend on how much roast you consume and your health. For example, high consumption of roast increases cholesterol levels in the body. Because of its structure of saturated fats and animal fats, it poses the risk of clogging and lubricating the heart and veins. Because it may contain important bacteria, it can lead to the formation of bacteria in the stomach and intestines. Continued bacterial buildup can lead to life-threatening heart disease.

Vitamins in the Qovurma

Turkish sautéed spiced lamb red meat is the most valuable source of minerals and vitamins of the group. The vitamins in qovurma meat are in the form of B6, B12 and vitamins of the B-complex. In order to strengthen the immune system, roasting can provide the B vitamins that the body needs the most. In addition to its nutritional values, roast meat, which is rich in vitamins, also contains important minerals. It is very rich in zinc, iron, protein and carbohydrates. In addition, the roast contains a considerable amount of folic acid.

How To Store Saç Kavurma?

First, you should thoroughly boil and wash the jars. The lids of the jars must be new and never used. Heat well and even boil the Turkish sautéed spiced lamb meat that you want to keep. Fill the clean jars to the brim with the hot meat. Close the jar tightly and place it on the kitchen table. Wait until the jar has cooled down.

The most important thing is that the jar is empty of air. Think of it like canning. If no air gets into the jar, you can store it for a very long time. Also, you can keep it in any kitchen cabinet. You no longer need a refrigerator for these meats. I generally prefer 240-gram and 500-gram jars. After opening the jar, you have to consume all the meat in it. You can also try this way of storing in portion jars yourself.

We have reached the end of my article on Turkish sautéed spiced lamb. If you tried the recipe, or if you have any questions or comments, feel free to comment and share your thoughts. Take good care of yourself until the next recipe. Hope to see you next time, goodbye.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Turkish Kavurma?

The kavurma is prepared from the thigh and arm parts of mutton and lamb, and from the back and arm parts of veal. The pieces of meat are cut into cubes. The meat should be washed very well and then drained well. Roasted meat is fried in its own fat.

What is sac kebab?

Sac Kebab is a dish in which small pieces of meat and vegetables are fried together on a tray. Several varieties are made in Anatolia, including pistachio and cheddar. The sacrificial roast, which is prepared during sacrificial feasts, is very different from other types of roast.

What is SAÇ?

Since the pans have a sloping body, they can evenly distribute the heat. The products that guarantee the cooking of all ingredients in the pan, stand out for their durable structures.

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