Fried Bread The Best Breakfast Food How To Make


Fried Bread The Best Breakfast Food How To Make


Pisi, called kolaç, chunk, goat’s foot, fried bread in lots of parts of Anatolia, is a successful alternative for wealthy family breakfasts. You could without difficulty make the baklava at domestic, which you could see in lots of breakfast places in recent years. Moreover, it isn’t always handiest for breakfast, it is able to additionally turn into the maximum scrumptious lunch or snack when appropriate. It’s miles regarded for being a savior in recipes.

Assisting folks that ask what to do with leavened dough, I made this fried bread by way of fermenting it. Inside the recipe video, there’s additionally a bagel that I delivered with a small, medium-soft cheese. If you want, you can use it in that fashion. If you want, you could use cheddar cheese or any other type of cheese you like.

I suggest you try the following recipes that may be of interest to you:

Allow’s go back to the kitchen, in which we are happiest, and percentage our recipe.



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Cooking time


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Turkish fried bread (pisi) recipe.


  • 2 packs of milk

  • Half a percent of clean yeast

  • 1 tablespoon of granulated sugar

  • 1 teaspoon salt

  • 4 glasses of flour

  • Plenty of oil


  • Let’s heat up our milk first, then mix our yeast, salt, sugar and warm milk till the yeast dissolves.
  • Let’s upload our flour little by little. The dough we can get must be a sticky dough.
  • To collect the dough, observe a little olive oil on your fingers and knead the dough that way and allow it relaxation for 1/2 an hour with its mouth closed.
  • Wreck the fermented dough into walnut-sized portions, open it together with your hand and pierce the center together with your index finger.
  • Cook dinner the dough you’ve got prepared in a frying pan or fryer in hot oil till golden brown.

Recipe Video


  • In case you don’t have milk, you can use 1 glass of yogurt.
  • If 4 cups of flour is strong, use much less flour.
  • Within the recipe i have given, the dough in no way absorbs oil. It will become a gentle pastry.

For The Fried Bread Dough To Be Puffy

Our mothers and elders used to make crispy, delicious pastries for breakfast in one chunk. It is why fried bread become one of the most famous pastries. It is certainly one of our maximum indispensable recipes, even though it is one of the flavors that have to be eaten with the aid of forgetting its calories, like the whole thing fried. Whilst we think about a super pastry, we consider its puffy puffy texture and crispy taste. Another essential factor of proper cooking is that it does no longer take in oil.

  1. To begin with, it would not matter if it’s miles leavened or unleavened, make sure that the drinks you may use in it are warm. In case you are going to use yogurt, make sure it’s far at room temperature. In case you are preparing a recipe that uses milk or water, make sure to apply it after warming it up. Warm beverages used in this way help the yeast dough to upward thrust exceptionally, at the same time as making the unleavened fried bread dough puffy.
  2. In case you need to make the fried bread dough fluffy, make sure to put the magic components in the dough. If you ask what are these magic ingredients, those components are yogurt or milk and of path soda. In particular the soda positioned into the dough allows the dough to double. In addition, it facilitates your dough no longer to soak up oil.
  3. Every other trick for rising the dough is to use baking powder, yeast or baking soda. In cases wherein you do now not need to apply yeast and do no longer need to wait, make sure to take advantage of the power of baking powder and baking soda. Baking dough the usage of baking soda will be greater crispy. Have it in thoughts.
  4. In case you are making ready a leavened dough, make sure to leaven properly at room temperature first. After commencing and shaping, permit it rise another time at the counter. Have tender, delicious pastries that everyone will appreciate. Allow’s upload a touch more statistics. Take care to make the pastry dough with a strong consistency. Allow them to be a smooth, non-sticky dough. If you need their form to be smooth, get help from equipment along with glasses.

In Order Now Not To Absorb Oil

Like any meals fried in hot oil, bakeries also have a problem of soaking up oil. In instances where they absorb an excessive amount of oil, their taste may additionally become worse. The dough would not have that crunchy texture you expect and it disappoints when you consume it. Within the recipe I gave, my fried bread do now not take in oil, however you can nonetheless locate the alternative secrets and techniques of the splendid non-greasy fried breads, on the way to be amazed through the consistency and texture of those who consume them.

  • 1 tablespoon of vinegar, which you may placed on the dough, prevents the dough from absorbing oil. It allows your dough to swell fast at its full consistency, without making your oil warm in advance, and to cook dinner the insides nicely.
  • After cooking, do not forget to take it out with a colander and positioned it on a paper towel and drain the extra oil.

What Is Fed On With

You can slice tomatoes, cucumbers and serve them with your favorite cheese types and olives.For this reason, you’ll prepare a beautiful breakfast table.

Be sure to country your evaluations and questions inside the remarks section. Your opinions are constantly critical to me. Bon appetit in advance.

Frequently Asked Questions About Fried Bread

What is Turkish bread eaten with?

The Turkish fried bread pisi, which can be prepared with or without yeast, is a dish that seduces to eat with its insatiable taste. The taste of the tables equipped with a brewed tea, breakfast products and warm baguette lingers on the palate.

Can you eat fried bread?

Toasted breads are soft and wonderful when eaten for breakfast, drizzled with oil, accompanied by cheese, tomatoes and tea.

What is a typical Turkish breakfast?

A classic Turkish breakfast usually consists of black and green olives, cucumbers, eggs with sausage, some sauces, cream cheese, honey cream, fresh tomatoes, fresh bread, jam, honey, pastries and sweet butter.

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