Best Pumpkin Dessert How To Make The Best Way


Best Pumpkin Dessert How To Make The Best Way


These are the best times to prepare the best pumpkin dessert, which is a panacea and one of the best flavors of winter. Another reason why pumpkin dessert is so popular is that it requires less energy than other desserts. Those on a diet can cook the squash they put in the pot on low heat, adding raisins instead of sugar.

The honey-like inside of the pumpkin, whose benefits are limitless, is sliced thinly and cooked in a shower of granulated sugar until soft. The best pumpkin dessert is so delicious that you want the freezing cold back as soon as possible, and you usually want to have a pumpkin dessert made from pumpkin for the table. Best pumpkin dessert, which can be prepared in a pan, is also baked pumpkin dessert in the oven and gets a hint of caramel flavor.

Some people can not eat the best pumpkin dessert because of its fibrous structure. In such a case, I recommend you to serve the pumpkin dessert with tahini, cream or ice cream. You will be delighted with both its appearance and taste. If you decorate it with walnuts or pistachios, this dessert will have reached nirvana.

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Now if you’re ready, let’s move on to an recipe of easy pumpkin dessert with few ingredients.



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Turkish pumpking dessert recipe with tahini.


  • 1 pounds peeled and sliced pumpkin

  • 1,5 cups granulated sugar

  • 1 tea cup walnut kernel(optionally)

  • 1/2 tea cuptahini (optionally)

  • 1 dessert spoon coconut


  • If the pumpkins are not peeled, peel them first. Remove the seeds from the pumpkin by scraping it with a knife.
  • Attach the flat part of the pumpkin to a board. Peel the skin and green parts of the pumpkin with a knife.
  • Slice the thoroughly cleaned zucchini into rounds. You can cut it into any size you like. Cutting larger slices will also increase the cooking time.
  • Place the squash in a large pot and add sugar. Close the lid of the pot and let it sit on the counter for one night.
  • Cook with the lid closed for about 40 minutes until it is soft. You can check if the squash is done by poking a small knife into it.
  • You can decorate it with tahini, walnuts and coconut as you like. I put 5 cloves and half a cinnamon stick in it so that the aroma goes into the sorbet.

Choosing The Pumpkin For The Best Pumpkin Dessert

There are numerous tricks to use if you want the pumpkin to retain its full texture when preparing your Turkish pumpkin recipes, and for it to be soft in your mouth when you eat it. Of course, the priority is to choose the best pumpkin dessert. For this, it is very important to follow the steps below:

  1. Our first choice for the best pumpkin dessert should be the pumpkin, of course.If you buy the pumpkin whole, you should first look at the skin. If there are unusual marks and cracks on the peel, you should definitely not buy that pumpkin. Instead, choose pumpkins that are as crack-free and undamaged as possible.
  2. It is also important that the peel is matte. If the skin of the pumpkins is very vivid, this could be due to residues of insecticides or contact with another foreign substance, then you should leave it alone.
  3. The skin of the pumpkin must be firm. If the crust is smooth or free, this indicates that it has started to cook. Alternatively, you need to opt for those with stretchy, hard-to-shell skins.
  4. To tell how ripe the pumpkin you buy is, you can examine how long it stays in contact with the sun and soil. If you see that yellow hues dominate the lowest part of the entire pumpkin, you can buy this pumpkin without worry. Because this is a sign that the pumpkin has been in the ground for a long time. Since it stays in the ground for a long time, you can tell that it is widely harvested after ripening.
  5. If you can’t turn the pumpkin over or want to take another look, you can check the stem of the pumpkin. The stem of the pumpkin you buy must be absolutely dry. If you see a pumpkin with a inexperienced stem or a patchy green stem, it was harvested before it was ripe. Instead, choose pumpkins that have turned completely yellow and dried.
  6. Finally, if you want to buy a whole pumpkin, choose medium sized pumpkins rather than very large or small pumpkins. This indicates that the zucchini you’re buying is ripe, and since it’s medium length, you can slice it while you’re in the house and start slicing and chopping.

If We Want To Buy It Sliced

If you decide to buy a pumpkin for the best pumpkin dessert you can eat in the market, and therefore buy the pumpkin in slices, there are some steps that you should consider when making the decision.

  1. It is not right if the slices are neither too hard nor too tender. Rather, you need to choose medium-hard slices.
  2. Unlike pumpkins whose color can be very mild, extra orange slices can be a delicious desire, especially for those who want to prepare the best pumpkin dessert, remember.
  3. Assess the color of the peel and check if it is dull or smooth.
  4. If there is no problem with the crust or if the pores and skin of the slices you can buy have been cleaned, take a look at the inside. Opt for those that stand as a whole rather than those that look very fibrous inside.

Cook In Sugar In A Single Day

As you know, the best pumpkin dessert in its classic form is preferably poured into granulated sugar the night before. The reason why the pumpkin is kept in a closed pot with the addition of sugar is quite simple. In this technique, the sugar dissolves completely and combines with the zucchini, and since it releases its water, you do not need to use water even when cooking the dessert.

But what if you forgot to sugar the squash beforehand? Don’t worry, we have a very realistic technique that you can put together throughout the day for the visitors who will come that night, in short, you can put the pumpkin dessert on the table without expecting the next day.

Place the pumpkins in the oven bag, add sugar and put it in the oven. At the end of the 1-hour baking time, your soft cooked zucchini will be prepared like a Turkish delight and can be eaten with relish. This time period can be longer or shorter depending on the hardness of the squash. A very practical recipe for baked pumpkin dessert.

I have tried to explain everything in detail from pumpkin selection to the trick of the best pumpkin dessert. Feel free to let me know your reviews or questions by posting a comment. Have a healthy day.

Frequently Asked Questions About Pumpkin Dessert

What is the most popular dessert made from pumpkins?

Desserts such as pumpkin cookies, cheesecake, pumpkin dessert, pumpkin tartarator, etc. are made.

Is a can of pumpkin the same as pumpkin puree?

Pumpkin preserves and pumpkin puree are one and the same. The two terms can be used interchangeably on recipe pages.

Is canned pumpkin healthy?

Canned zucchini is about 90 percent water, so not only does it have a high water content, it also has less than 50 calories per serving. Pumpkin is a good source of potassium and beta-carotene, a carotenoid that converts to vitamin A.

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