2 Ingredients Affogato Coffee


2 Ingredients Affogato Coffee


Affogato coffee, whose name flows like a verse of poetry, fascinates coffee lovers with its magnificent taste. In fact, it all started in Italy when the sweetness of ice cream and the bitter taste of espresso came together. If you haven’t met him yet, we can define it as espresso with a spoonful of ice cream in it. This type of coffee, one of the famous flavors of Italian cuisine, is definitely coffee for a coffee lover. In other words, it is not a combination of ice cream and coffee, but a drink in its own right.

You will love affogato, where hot coffee meets cold ice cream. The milky ice cream will not make you feel the bitterness of the coffee. You can easily make affogato coffee, which you can easily consume even in winter, at home with two ingredients. You can also use different ice creams if you wish. The classic version where milk and coffee balance each other is the most preferred. The main ingredient is espresso and you can also make it with instant espresso. I am sure you will all love the recipe of affogato that you can easily make.

What Is In A Affogato?

Affogato coffee is considered sweet by some and coffee by others. If you ask me, this type of coffee, one of the famous flavors of Italian cuisine, is definitely coffee for a coffee lover. In other words, it is not a combination of ice cream and coffee, but a drink in its own right. This flavor, which emerged with the unique combination of ice cream and espresso in Italy, has surpassed the borders of Italy and established itself in the world cuisine. The unique aroma of coffee and ice cream has become a favorite of many coffee lovers.

This coffee, which we can call espresso with ice cream, is one of the espresso-based coffee varieties. As with other espresso-based coffees, the leading role in this coffee belongs to espresso. Affogato coffee is served with a spoon. The ice cream is eaten with a spoon and then the coffee is drunk.


What Does Affogato Mean In Coffee?

The Italian word affogato means “drowned”. This flavor, in which ice cream is drowned in coffee, goes very well in the summer heat and can be consumed with pleasure in the winter cold. After the hot espresso is slowly added to the vanilla ice cream placed in the affogato coffee glass, we witness the moment when the perfect duo meets each other and then enjoy it with the help of a spoon.

Why Is It Called Affogato?

The Italian word affogato means drowned. In other words, it means something like the flavor of ice cream drowned in coffee.

Is Affogato Hot or Cold?

Affogato coffee is a type of coffee prepared by pouring hot espresso over ice cream in a cup-sized container.

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How Do You Pronounce Affogato Coffee?

The word affogato is pronounced “af-fo-gà-to”. It is pronounced as it is, with the letter “à” slightly throaty and soft.

How To Make Affogato Coffee

If you want to make a classic affogato coffee, all you need is a cup of warm espresso and a scoop of vanilla ice cream. After slowly adding the hot espresso to the vanilla ice cream placed in the glass, we witness the moment when the perfect duo meets each other and then enjoy it with a spoon. You can make this delicious flavor with filter coffee or cold espresso, but if you want to drink a real affogato, then you should never give up hot espresso and vanilla ice cream.

To prepare affogato, you must first prepare espresso coffee with any coffee equipment. It will be enough to prepare one shot of espresso for one person. Since the moka pot is more accessible than other espresso equipment, the method of preparing espresso with this equipment is as follows.

  1. Add warm or cold drinking water to the bottom reservoir of the moka pot. The water should not exceed the safety valve. The reason we use warm or hot water here is to avoid burning the coffee. If you use cold water, your coffee will burn and the espresso will taste bitter.
  2. Put 7-9 grams of coffee into the coffee filter and use a spoon to flatten the coffee without pressing too hard.
  3. Put the moka pot on low heat by putting the pieces of the moka pot together.
  4. As the hot water starts to boil, the coffee will collect in the upper chamber. When all the coffee is collected in the upper chamber, turn off the moka pot and let the coffee rest for about 3 minutes.
  5. Place a scoop of vanilla ice cream in a glass.
  6. Add the prepared espresso on top of the ice cream and serve the coffee with a spoon.
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How Do You Make An Affogato With An Espresso Machine?

In the summer months, we tend to keep our distance from hot drinks. Our hearts are always in favor of refreshing, light and faint drinks and flavors. But this is not an indication that we should stay away from coffee. An Italian masterpiece, affogato coffee combines the freshness of ice cream and the slightly bitter taste of espresso. All that remains is to prepare a shot of espresso and combine it with vanilla ice cream.

To prepare this delicious drink in an espresso machine, pour your finely ground coffee into the espresso machine. Add water according to the machine’s instructions, then place your cups underneath and let it brew. As it brews, it will drip into the glasses and become delicious. Take the espresso that is brewed and dripping into the glasses. While it is still hot, put a scoop of vanilla ice cream in it. After that, all you have to do is enjoy the affogato coffee.

What Is The Best Ice Cream For Affogato?

The best choice when making ice cream for affogato coffee would be the best homemade vanilla ice cream. However, if you don’t want to bother, store-bought ice cream will also work, and you can even use high-quality vanilla or other flavored ice cream for a similar result. Finely chopped hazelnut pieces or chocolate shavings are the best options to top your affogato coffee.

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How Many Calories In Affogato

Affogato coffee contains 135.5 calories per 100 grams. 1 serving is 78.1 grams and contains 105.7 calories. Affogato is rich in Vitamin A, Cholesterol, Fat. Based on a 2000 Calorie diet, one serving provides 7.8% of the daily Vitamin A requirement, 7.4% of the daily cholesterol requirement and 7.2% of the daily Fat requirement.

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So, now, without wasting any time, we go to our kitchen, prepare our ingredients and prepare this delicious drink, affogato coffee.

2 Ingredient Affogato Coffee

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With the unique aroma of coffee and ice cream, the affogato coffee recipe is indispensable for many deep L lovers.


  • 2 tablespoon finely ground coffee

  • 2 scoops of vanilla ice cream


  • Pour the finely ground coffee into the espresso machine. Add water according to the machine’s instructions.
  • Then place your cups underneath and leave to brew. As it brews, it will drip into the cups and become delicious.
  • Pour the brewed and dripping espresso into the cups. While it is still hot, put a scoop of vanilla ice cream in it.

Tips For Affogato

  • If you use a thick ground coffee, the taste and consistency of the espresso will not be as you would like. So choose finely ground coffee.
  • The base of the ice cream will melt, don’t let this scare you. You can also prepare your coffee with chocolate ice cream.
  • Use an espresso machine or a stovetop espresso maker to brew a shot of espresso. If you don’t have either, use a standard coffee maker and brew extra strong coffee.
  • When serving the Affogato coffee, take the ice cream out of the freezer 10-15 minutes beforehand, as the low-fat content of the ice cream needs to thaw a little as it will freeze rock hard.
  • If you are making the ice cream at home and not from scratch, use an ice cream maker if you can.
  • Use small and wide glasses for serving.
  • The equipment to be used when preparing espresso is clear. You either use an automatic coffee machine, a manual coffee machine or a moka pot.
  • The quality of the coffee you use determines the flavor of your coffee. The better quality coffee you use, the more flavorful the results.

How to Make Affogato Coffee Without Espresso?

Don’t worry if you don’t have espresso coffee, a moka pot or an espresso machine. You can also prepare affogato coffee with Turkish coffee, one of the closest flavors to espresso;

  1. Add 9 grams of Turkish coffee into the coffee pot (that’s a little more than a tablespoon).
  2. Pour as much warm drinking water as your cup size over the Turkish coffee and mix the coffee and water well. However, make sure that the coffee does not splash on the sides.
  3. Cook the coffee for about 1.5-2 minutes. Do not stir the coffee at this stage. If you stir the coffee, it will taste bitter.
  4. When foam forms on the coffee, turn off the coffee pot and pour or pour the foam into a bowl.
  5. Add a scoop of vanilla ice cream into a glass.
  6. Carefully pour the Turkish coffee over the ice cream. At this stage, make sure that the grounds remain in the coffee pot as much as possible. You can then serve the coffee with a spoon.

If you have any other questions about the making iced coffee with instant coffee recipe, don’t hesitate to stop by, I’m always willing to help! Also, don’t forget to follow me on my Instagram page. In the meantime, stay safe, stay healthy, and have a great day!


Does affogato have more caffeine?

All of the caffeine in affogato comes from espresso. Affogato coffee contains 70-80 mg of caffeine.

What is a espresso shot?

A type of strong coffee beverage brewed under high pressure. Served in 50 to 75 mL shot glasses. The coffee/water ratio is approximately 1:3 .

How do you drink affogato coffee?

Although it is basically a coffee, it can also be categorized as a dessert. You can consume it in the form of coffee after watching the ice cream and coffee melt, or you can enjoy it with a spoon after adding espresso.

Is espresso just strong coffee?

Espresso, which also forms the base of many milk coffees such as Latte and Cappucino, is a very strong and dense variety that contains the most caffeine per milligram.

Is espresso good for weight loss?

While we use 7-10 grams of coffee to make an espresso or Turkish coffee, a cup of espresso or Turkish coffee comes in at less than 2 calories. So even if you drink 10-15 cups of coffee a day, you will not gain weight.

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